Authenticity Matters

Indian consumers face major challenges while buying health supplements because of the abundant availability of cheaper health products that are usually parallel imports or fakes. These fake and counterfeit products often include substances that are banned and cause long term damage to the body.

Fitabana is the answer to all these challenges. We import only the best quality genuine products directly from the brands or the official importers and offer our buyers with health supplements that are certified and authentic.


Choose Fitabana for Genuine Products

Fitabana is an authorized seller for top-quality imported health supplements in India. And to ensure that our consumers get 100% genuine product, we follow strict guidelines of choosing and importing health supplements only from registered manufactures and distributors. As a consumer, you may find our products to be expensive, but our prices are proof of authenticity. We get all our products through a secured and legal channel for imports.

Our commitment to the best products for you!

A good health is the best investment. In today’s world, where the food we eat and the air we breathe are not completely pure, our body needs all the extra attention and help it can get to fully optimise our potential. That’s why, Fitabana commits wholly towards providing curated authentic and genuine health supplements, and get you started on the journey to a fitter life.

At Fitabana, we value our customers health as our own and our relationship, and the first step to forming this long-term fulfilling relationship with you is to get you the best health supplements. We do this through:

  •  Vigilant supply-chain: Before we choose a supply partner, we thoroughly check the credentials of our potential partners and their valid certifications. We also use most of our resources – workforce and finance – in supporting a legitimised route of supply. It surely makes the products expensive, but it safeguards your health.

  • Quality controlled distribution: At Fitabana, we only partner with well-known and registered brands in the sports nutrition industry. This vital step automatically reduces the chances of counterfeit products being imported. Also, to keep these imports secured during transit, we use the services of premium logistic companies like FedEx, Blue Dart, and more. As these service providers use state-of-the-art GPS tracking, we are aware of where our shipments are at all times.

  • Perfect quality products: We have a dedicated team of qualified professionals who conduct thorough inspection of all the products that we import. Once the products are at Fitabana authorized warehouses, we meticulously check each package for defects, damage, or fake products. Our buyers only receive the best quality and genuine products. Consumer satisfaction is the backbone of Fitabana. We have this rigorous, time-consuming, and tiring process in place to guarantee the authenticity of the products we offer you. A lot of our products are also certified by ISO and FSSAI, marking their authenticity and unparalleled quality.

Why authenticity matters?

Although both unethical, buying a counterfeit handbag cannot be compared to buying counterfeit health supplements. While a fake leather handbag may cause you some embarrassment, an illegally imported fake health supplement pose several long-term risks. To mimic the color and texture, the substances added in these fake products are usually not fit for consumption. Substances like steroids have been proven to have adverse effects on the health of the user. From skin rashes, liver and kidney damage, impotency and even cancer – long term use of counterfeit health supplements can cause irreparable damage.

Fitabana commits to bringing you only what is best for your health. So take a step forward for a healthier future with us, and let us help you achieve that goal.